Complaints and Feedback

At Cancer Hub, we encourage anyone to provide us with feedback or make a complaint regarding any aspect of our services, programs, policies, or procedures.

Your feedback and complaints are important and help us to provide appropriate support while helping us to continually improve our services. Cancer Hub treats all information confidentially and, aims to resolve complaints quickly, directly and fairly.

To provide feedback or lodge a complaint, please get in touch with our Complaints Officer via the Complaints and Feedback form or by emailing us at

Acknowledgement of your feedback or complaint will be sent within 5 working days if you have indicated wishing to discuss it further with us and, if your concern is not immediately resolved a response will be sent within 30 calendar days from receipt.

Complaints and feedback are directed to Canteen, who will review and respond to your feedback on behalf of Cancer Hub. Cancer Hub partners Camp Quality and RedKite will be involved in response to feedback and complaints where required. 

Independent Advice
Cancer Hub will always try to resolve matters in an open, transparent, fair and efficient way and we encourage anyone to raise this with us in the first instance. We understand though that at times you may wish to seek independent advice relating to your complaint. This can be done by contacting your local Ombudsman.

Complaints and Feedback