Frequently Asked Questions

Cancer Hub is a digital one stop shop helping families impacted by cancer (with children aged 0-25) more easily access the practical and emotional support they need. Cancer Hub is a collaboration between Canteen, Camp Quality and Redkite.

Once we hear from you, our specially trained staff will take care of the rest by identifying every family members’ needs and helping them access the best support options. When the family member facing cancer is a child or young person, our cancer navigators provide additional personalised support such as financial help, accommodation, and other essential services via the three charity partners. Expert counsellors along with online community support are also available to assist in managing the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Hub was developed to make the lives of thousands of Australians going through a difficult time that little bit easier. Although there is a lot of support available to families, it can sometimes be confusing or time-consuming for families to find out what types of support are available to them. This is where Cancer Hub steps in.

The emotional and practical assistance services offered via Cancer Hub are available to families impacted by cancer with children or young people aged 0-25.

Cancer doesn’t only affect the person diagnosed, it also affects every member of the family. This is why the services offered by Cancer Hub extend to all family members.

There is no cost associated with accessing Cancer Hub.

The goal of Cancer Hub is to ensure that finding support is not an additional burden for families already facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis. Cancer Hub’s free cancer support services are made possible by Canteen, Camp Quality, and Redkite working together as part of the Child and Youth Cancer Alliance and thanks to funding from the Australian Government.

Yes, Cancer Hub services are accessed online and available nationwide across Australia.

No family should navigate the challenges of a cancer journey alone, therefore all families with children under the age of 25 have access to Cancer Hub. Our specially trained staff will actively help families impacted by cancer cancer access whatever emotional and practical cancer support services they need.

Absolutely! We recognise the particular challenges faced by families in rural and remote locations, and our trained staff will take these unique needs and situations into consideration when providing access to resources and services. Get in touch and we’ll look after the rest.

Getting in touch with Cancer Hub is easy. There are a few ways to speak with us, depending on what works for you:

Phone support:

Call our helpline for cancer support on 1800 431 312

Select a time and date through our online booking system to receive a phone call from one of our trained staff members at a time that suits you.

Contact form

If you are ready to seek support, or to refer a family member or friend seeking support, leave your details through the form on the Cancer Hub website. After you submit, a member of our support staff will be in touch within 48 hours to discuss options with you.

If you are a health or service professional looking to refer a client, student or patient, please use a separate form tailored to your needs.

If you have any questions about the services available via Cancer Hub, please contact us by phone or email instead of filling the form out.

Anyone can make a referral, whether for themselves, a friend, or a family member by either leaving their details or selecting a time and date through our online booking system to receive a phone call from one of our trained staff members at a time that suits.

Health and service professionals can also refer patients, clients and students using a separate form tailored to their needs.

Yes. Cancer Hub is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information you provide. We have strict protocols in place to ensure that your information is handled securely, professionally and in accordance with Australian privacy laws and regulations.

When you provide personal information to Cancer Hub, either through our online forms or during discussions with our team over the phone, we will only use that information to provide you with the support and services you have requested. Your personal information will not be shared with third parties without your consent, in accordance with the law.

Cancer affects everyone differently. Cancer Hub is here to help families more easily access both support – whether that’s online and in-person. 

We acknowledge that individual needs, accessibility requirements, and comfort levels vary for each person, sometimes even within the same family. That’s why, upon contacting Cancer Hub, our specially trained staff take care of the rest. They identify the unique needs of each family member and assist them in accessing the most suitable support options available.

In-person support

In-person support services may be in the form of in-person counselling, educational workshops, events, book clubs that cover all cancer topics, and recreational activities for cancer patients and their families where people facing similar experiences can come together to receive support, engage in therapeutic activities, and build connections.

Online support

Families can easily access a range of virtual cancer support services from the comfort of their own home. This includes counselling, online cancer support communities tailored for both parents and care-givers and young people and online cancer resources. Online support can be especially beneficial for families in remote areas or those who prefer the flexibility and accessibility of virtual connection.

All of these cancer support services and more are available with just one phone call – just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

When someone in the family is diagnosed with cancer, we understand that each family member will have different emotional, practical, and informational needs. Parents, siblings, partners, and children all have their own unique needs, emotions and experiences.

Whether it’s assisting parents in navigating the complexities of cancer treatment or finances, providing emotional support to siblings, or offering educational materials to help children understand cancer and its impact, our team is committed to ensuring that the entire family receives the attention and support they need.